A Look at Our Glass CNC Machining Techniques

CNC machining allows for great versatility when used for custom glass cutting and offers unique benefits over traditional glass cutting methods. Here at M3 Glass, we’re proud to specialize in precision and large-format fabricated glass manufacturing.

Our Glass Cutting Capabilities

To meet a range of unique application needs, we offer a variety of glass cutting services and technologies. From in-house cutting to sophisticated finishing services, M3 provides top-of-the-line services for all types of custom glass products. Our advanced technology allows us to cut custom glass products up to 1” thick, and we can create products with maximum dimensions of 96” x 144”.

CNC machining at M3 Glass

Our key capabilities are listed below.

  • Circle grinding — This allows us to produce high volumes of parts, ground to exact specifications. Edges are ground smooth while maintaining tight tolerances.
  • CNC processing — M3 Glass uses CNC machining to create unique shapes upon request. CNC machining services include shaping, notching, and slotting. We can also create step surfaces. The skilled M3 team can create custom shapes with any type of polished or ground edging.
  • Drilling — We provide multiple options for hole drilling, including through-holes, countersink holes, step holes, and blind holes.
  • Grinding and polishing — All glass products can be ground or polished to meet clients’ specific needs. We can grind to edge, polish smooth, or surface grind as needed.
  • Inside dimension seaming and countersink — For parts or products with grooves, holes, or slots, tapering on both sides or seaming on the inside dimensions can allow for improved inside edging quality.

Benefits and Applications of Glass CNC Machining

Glass cutting is utilized by a huge range of industries and applications. Any industry requiring high precision and lightweight materials can benefit from glass CNC machining. And for projects requiring high-volume manufacturing, this technique is especially ideal.

Below are some of the industries and applications M3 Glass frequently works with.

  • Aerospace
  • Art
  • Biomedical
  • Defense
  • Interior design
  • Optical components
  • Semiconductors

So why do our customers turn to us for CNC machining of glass parts?

  • Precision — CNC machines are capable of creating complex cuts in order to achieve deep holes, slots, notches, bevels, and more. For many of our customers, tolerances are crucial to their part’s functionality, and our specialized machining equipment allows us to easily fulfill these demanding specifications.
  • 24-hour operation — Our machines can work all day, every day — without fail. This means production schedules are shorter, allowing for reliable, on-time delivery and fast turnaround times.
  • Easily repeatable — We program our machines for precision tooling; we can repeat our results over and over again. For large orders, this is a key benefit.
  • Limited required supervision — Thanks to our CNC automation technologies, our equipment can run with limited supervision. With machines running simultaneously, both labor costs and turnaround times are reduced, and these benefits come back to the client.

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