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Energizing the Bathroom: Custom Glass Shower Doors

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Custom glass shower doors can greatly improve your facility or home. Whether you seek shower doors for your hospital, gym, or residence, M3 provides a full range of aesthetically pleasing custom shower door options that will outfit your bathroom with style and flair.

In this post, we look at different scenarios in which custom glass shower doors will bring your showers to the next level. We also discuss how you can customize your glass shower door to optimize its style, utility, and beauty.

Athletic Facilities and Gyms

As gyms grow bigger throughout the nation, more strain gets placed on their showering facilities. Most state-of-the-art gyms include showers, steam rooms, and saunas, creating a variety of needs for innovative glass door solutions. We offer products such as Switchable Glass, which can be changed from opaque to transparent with the flip of a switch.  Members can easily identify empty stalls, while still enjoying privacy while the shower is in use.  Gym employees can also control the translucence of the glass, setting the glass to be opaque during operating hours but clear during gym closings and maintenance periods. Colored interlayers can also lend a bright, clean appearance to clubs and are fully opaque.

Health Care Facilities

Our shower doors appear in health care settings including hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities. Custom glass doors can turn dreary hospital rooms into more aesthetically pleasing environments. Fitting your medical facilities with custom glass shower doors will allow patients and other facility users to recuperate with dignity, aiding in a speedy recovery.

Residential Spaces

Our custom-made glass shower doors can help with your home renovations, as well. Our diverse glass texture and pattern offerings provide great additions to any home environment. Our shower doors will give your bathroom a distinctive feel that your family and guests will enjoy every day.

M3 Customization

We build our shower doors using a variety of in-house processes to size, print, paint, and polish each door to your specifications. In addition to offering Enduro-Shield coating for easier cleaning and maintenance, we can further enhance our glass with a series of custom printing and finishing capabilities that allow you to govern glass thickness and length and to achieve unique designs.

If you need a custom glass shower door made, look no further. Our MPrint system enables us to include any printed design up to 720 dpi. You can even match existing styles or include corporate logos and branding as needed.

We offer diverse textures and patterns to accommodate designers looking for even more options. Instead of settling for a plain, standard shower door, our team can work with you to create customized, attractive alternatives featuring a mix of colors, printed graphics, textures, and patterns that result in one-of-a-kind products for your home or business.

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