At M3 Glass Technologies, we offer custom glass sizing, painting, and printing to complement any architectural element and interior design style. Specifically, our glass floors offer both the form and functionality design professionals need in their design plans.

Our team assists customers throughout the entire glass manufacturing process, from the initial design stages, to manufacturing, to finishing and final delivery. Driven by a dedication to quality, value, and genuine care about our customers, M3’s products serve as aesthetically pleasing, fully functional design solutions for designers, architects, homeowners, and customers around the globe.

Designing with Glass Floors

Modern and attractive, glass flooring has a beautiful, aesthetically clean look, especially when installed in multi-level spaces. It allows natural light to shine throughout an interior, enhancing the environment and contributing to benefits such as energy efficiency. Designers can also take advantage of custom colors and printing, which afford the benefits of custom branding. Our MPrint, ColorBak, and screen printing capabilities enable any designer, architect, or branded customer to apply their own mark to a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing glass product.

Our custom coloring service also provides design professionals with a creative edge. Every M3 glass walkway or floor can seamlessly integrate accents or segment a particular area of an interior space. A seemingly simple, subtle shift in color or pattern can add a unique touch that lets one area stand out or differ from the general design scheme of a room.

Additionally, users can count on our custom printing and coloring abilities to not only implement custom design features like logos, but also to create wayfinding elements to help guide users through a space.

Technical Details

All of our glass products adhere to strength and wear standards; additionally, tempered and tempered-laminated glass meet ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201, while our laminated glass is compliant with the 2015 International Building Code.

The quality and tolerance of our design-glass products also meet or exceed ASTM-1172. This standard is applicable to cut sizes of flat laminated glass, with two or more lites of glass bonded to a material in an intermediate layer. Depending on various specifications, the standard includes characteristics such as safety, blast resistance, sound reduction, or resistance to hurricane-force winds.

Our product lines also include:

  • Common glass types/finishes, including Starphire, clear glass, textured glass, screen-printed, MPrinted, colored interlayers, and combinations of treatments
  • Wear-resistant surfaces that are easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing, maintaining their strength and vitality over time regardless of foot traffic
  • Glass floor panel sizes ranging from 6” x 6” for tiles and as large as 96” x 120” for large format settings
  • Screen-print traction control in standard and custom pattern options, and custom, digitally applied Mprint traction control frit
  • Clear flooring when permitted by local building codes

Glass Floors from M3 Glass Technologies

Manufactured to the strictest engineering standards, M3 glass flooring creates the uniquely memorable and functional glass floors designers need. By using multiple layers of laminated glass so that each end product is strong and safe, the floors can withstand the weight and pressure of everyday use in a commercial or residential space. Walking on a floor made of glass is, in fact, even safer than walking on any other type of flooring; designers and architects never have to worry about compromising the safety of building occupants in exchange for a distinctive glass flooring aesthetic.

We’re also proud to offer pre-engineered glass flooring designs to our customers to further streamline your design process. When working with M3, engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation are cost-effective, and our team will even help you choose the best size, style, and glass type for your project.

If you are a designer or architect looking to spruce up the interior of a commercial office space or outfit a residence with new glass floors, contact us to review your specifications with an expert at M3 Glass Technologies today.

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