Glass Cutting and Finishing Services

M3 Glass Technologies proudly offers a wide range of in-house cutting and finishing services in order to best serve our customers. Our team achieves this by continuously investing in the highest quality, cutting-edge equipment so that we are able to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of the best value-added and decorative glass products.

At M3 Glass Technologies, we strive to be the single source supplier for all of your custom glass product needs and to produce all custom fabricated glass products within 1/16”. Our computer-assisted production processes paired with our team of talented operators allows projects to move rapidly from drawings to completed components, keeping you on schedule and free to deal with other project details.

Glass Cutting

With over 60 years of technical experience, M3 Glass Technologies is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of custom fabricated glass. Thanks to our experienced manufacturing team, we are able to quickly and accurately create high-precision cuts to produce custom sized products with shorter turnaround times.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, we can cut glass products up to one inch thick, and we work on glass products up to 96” x 144”. Additionally, we employ two large format CNC glass-cutting stations as well as high-tech loaders to create capacities for our wide range of clients.

Glass CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining stations allow us to offer multiple manufacturing and finishing services under one roof. Boring, drilling, beveling, and slotting are all included in our custom product manufacturing. Our team of experts will work to create high-precision holes and notches as necessary in order to produce a custom fabricated glass part that will seamlessly integrate into your intended application.

Using CAD files, among other drawing file types, we can quickly program and run projects to ensure fast turnaround times that will keep your project on time. We do so by utilizing 5 separate CNC work centers, which enable us to provide a versatile, easily customized and dependable production setting.

Glass Grinding and Polishing

M3 Glass Technologies provides scratch-free, high-luster edge grinding and polishing services to create clean, finished products that will meet the tightest tolerances. Our modernized equipment allows us to create smooth edges and refine products that are both highly-functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Our grinding and polishing services not only promote safer handling conditions but also translate into chip-free installations. Our expert team of technicians uses a wide range of beveling, polishing and washer systems to give each project the focus and precision required to produce high-tolerance products each and every time.

Custom Glass Fabrication Projects with M3 Glass Technologies

At M3 Glass Technologies, we are committed to superior craftsmanship by making your project’s success our main focus. Our team understands that premium manufacturing is the bedrock of creating beautiful, functional glass products, and we’re mindful of the pain points that come along with selecting a glass fabrication partner and managing projects as they move forward.

When working with M3 Glass Technologies, you can expect fast production times, effective and collaborative project management and flawless final products that are ready to be sent onto our custom printing and painting stations to create beautiful and functional finished pieces.

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