Glass Walls and Panels

We understand that designing the ideal glass structures for a particular setting can be a challenge.

That’s why, from the initial concept to final installation, the team at M3 Glass Technologies makes sure every piece of glass we produce is perfectly selected, sized, and styled according to precise specifications; by the end of your project, our goal is to help you create a unique, aesthetically pleasing space by ensuring that your glass structure will match your unique needs.

Our design-glass services offer great value thanks to high-quality products and cost-efficient pricing. Working closely with each client, our technical team ensures customers receive top-notch glass walls and panels on every order. Architects and designers looking for expert design, manufacturing, and delivery services consistently trust M3 Glass Technologies with their glass product projects.

Designing with Glass Walls and Panels

Our custom glass panels are particularly well-suited for constructing walls and other barriers in commercial and residential settings. An accent wall or partition can be custom-designed through a variety of unique in-house processes that allow us to size, print, and finish each piece of glass according to a customer’s needs.

In fact, interior glass panels are becoming increasingly popular in many settings. By separating different sections within a particular area while still creating a sense of space, glass panels offer designers the flexibility to create implied spaces while simultaneously making them feel open and visually connected.

There is also the option to create varying levels of privacy; available glass panels range from completely clear to fully private, opaque barriers. Depending on your needs, we can implement many intermediate gradient options so glass walls can be clear, dark, or any level in between to specifically complement the décor of your interior design.

Glass walls can also be used to create decorative focal points and anchor walls. M3Glass Technologies’ advanced Colorbak painting and 720 dpi MPrint technologies allow us to design specialized wall cladding in many settings. Expertly designed glass is commonly installed in offices, elevator lobbies, conference rooms, break rooms, stairwells, and bathrooms, adding design-glass elements to make any interior space stand out and look unique.

The applications of glass walls are nearly limitless. Because the walls are incredibly easy to clean, and, in some cases, can even double as dry erase boards, designers often add them to conference rooms and waiting rooms for added functionality. When used as an elevator interior, a laminated glass wall panel can be a key decorative element.

Glass Wall Technical Specifications

Our M3 team goes above and beyond to find the perfect aesthetic fit for your unique space. Every office, retail businesses, hotel, and healthcare facility has unique needs in terms of its architecture and interior design, so our glass walls and panels are available in many sizes, ranging from 6” x 6” to 96” x 120”. A range of patterns and textures is available as well, affording a level of design flexibility that is rarely seen anywhere else.

Our MPrint system allows for the inclusion of any kind of printed design feature on the glass products, while our Colorbak and screen printing capabilities allow for further creative and unique designs. We can even integrate intricate company logos across various products and styles. Designers and businesses can display their brand in an effective way, with little burden placed on the design, fabrication, and installation phases. Our glass products are also available with anti-reflective matte finish.

Every glass product is also easy to clean, ensuring the glass maintains its aesthetic appeal and lifespan, reinforcing its functionality, and maximizing the value of your investment. Each wall and panel is manufactured to look as pristine as it did when first installed. The quality of our workmanship is evident regardless of the product’s age and stands as a testament to our capabilities.

Glass from M3 Glass Technologies

At M3 Glass Technologies, we always aim to create the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. While interior design elements are nearly limitless, glass walls and panels are among the most versatile options available. Our custom printing and finishing capabilities enable design professionals to exercise their creativity and leave their mark on every project they undertake.

As architects and designers increasingly realize the benefits of glass as a design element, our team has seen continued growth in the ways designers have chosen to implement these products. With years of experience collaborating with professionals across industries and project applications on their diverse glass needs, we can help you determine the optimal design for the perfect fit and function of each glass panel. Some of our past projects have involved customers from the healthcare, hospitality, stadium, corporate, and many other industries.

If you have a concept for incorporating glass walls or panels in any building environment, or if you’d like additional design support to bring your design idea to life, contact M3 Glass Technologies today. A member of our team will review your specifications and provide professional guidance for your glass project needs.

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