Glass Screen Printing

At M3 Glass Technologies, we’re proud to support architects and designers in crafting beautiful, custom design-glass solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Offering many styles and finish options, we can apply custom cuts, polishes, painting, coloring, and printing to all glass pieces.

Our custom glass screen-printing services, in particular, allow us to create glass products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Custom Screen Printing for Glass

M3 Glass Technologies offers custom glass screen-printing services for all of our glass products, including unique traction-control surfaces for glass flooring and stair treads. Versatile and highly reliable, the screen-printing process allows architects and designers to create beautifully functional surfaces that fit a wide range of needs.

Our team utilizes a mesh screen-printing process to transfer ink directly to the glass substrate, placing custom designs straight onto the surfaces of our glass products and eliminating the need for any additional adhesives or materials. This process ensures optimal product durability, meaning users won’t have to deal with upkeep or replacement issues, and we work closely with all customers to manage the intricacies of each unique piece.

Screen-printed design-glass has become one of the most economical solutions for traction management on glass surfaces, safety frit on stair treads, and high-volume custom patterning and decoration on flat glass surfaces for residential and commercial applications alike.

Our design team can also develop screen-printed glass privacy solutions for home and office settings, stretching unique patterns and finishes across a series of glass panes.

Multi-panel layouts are also highly accommodating for custom logo applications, company-specific designs, and wayfinding systems. Even the most complex, detailed designs can be expertly applied using our innovation screen-printing setup.

Technical Performance: Screen-Printed Design Glass

Direct ceramic screen printing can be customized for effects both large and small projects, creating design-glass that showcases your unique aesthetic and style.

  • Our design team utilizes mesh tooling to apply ceramic frit directly to glass surfaces in order to create custom patterns.
  • Ceramic frit is permanent and used with tempered glass.
  • Glass can be screen printed on the front side, back side, or both sides.
  • Designers can select multi-pane or multilayer arrangements depending on the final desired effect.
  • Standard color offerings and professional Pantone color matching services are both available.
  • Over long runs, screen costs can be amortized, allowing for lower costs per piece than other custom digital printing methods.

Custom Screen-Printed Glass Solutions From M3 Glass Technologies

M3 Glass Technologies is proud to offer industry-leading custom screen-printing services in addition to our MPrint processes, ColorBak backpainting, and full catalog of other custom design services. Working with clients across a range of industries, we frequently create glass solutions for commercial office spaces, health care facilities, residential spaces, and retail environments.

We can adhere ceramic frit directly to all of our custom-cut and polished tempered glass products, no matter how unusual or complex the project may be. Some of our most popular screen-printed products include glass walls, room dividers, floors, stairs and railings, custom signage, conference tables, and elevator interiors.

To learn more about glass screen-printing or discuss how it can be combined with other design features for even more sophisticated effects, reach out to our design services team today!

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