Glass Stair Treads

Aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and maintain, and dependably durable: Glass stair treads are an excellent choice for many high-traffic, high-visibility spaces. While glass stair treads are exceptionally functional, their smart, clean lines also provide a striking visual effect, showcasing your space in a way other materials can’t.

Glass stair treads can also be combined with glass floors and railings, interior or exterior glass panels and walls, and glass canopies to create a dramatic, distinctive guest experience. At M3 Glass Technologies, we work in both residential and commercial spaces to create sophisticated, long-lasting, and high-value glass designs.

Custom Designs

High-traffic environments demand serious durability, strong slip resistance, and unquestionable strength. The tempered-laminated custom glass stair treads from M3 Glass check all of these boxes.

Our glass stair treads are available with uniquely designed slip resistance; Mprint traction control frit can be digitally applied to each tread to prevent dangerous slips and falls, ensuring employee and visitor safety. In addition, these glass steps are manufactured with at least three layers of laminated glass — sometimes more — to provide strength and powerful resistance to weight and pressure.

Well-suited for residential and commercial applications alike, custom glass stairs are also more fire-resistant than many traditional structural materials. When combined with glass floors and railings, the stairway allows for natural light reach — a chic but effortless aesthetic. Glass helps create bright, open, modern atmospheres that feel fresh and welcoming.

Technical Performance and Accessible Maintenance

Glass stair treads offer high performance with easy maintenance; the material is hard-wearing, extremely easy to clean, and holds up to the test of time, making for a very cost-efficient solution.

For traction control and safety, engineers and designers can choose from either digitally applied Mprint traction control frit or screen-printed traction control frit in a variety of standard and custom pattern options.

Fully clear stair treads are available but may be limited by certain building codes, so double check the specific regulations in your area before you begin your project. Our traction control is NFSI tested and approved, and all of the glass flooring and stairs crafted at M3 Glass are manufactured to specifications straight from project engineers. If you need an engineer’s assistance, our team is more than happy to refer you to one of our partners. For companies looking for a more standard set of materials, the M3 team also works with a partner who offers complete, pre-engineered glass flooring designs.

Available in a full range of sizes to meet any design or engineering specifications, glass stairs can be even further customized with the integration of brand imagery, wayfinding, logos, and more. Our custom MPrint service and ColorBak painting capabilities, in particular, offer limitless options for designers to leave a truly personal mark on the project.

Custom Glass Solutions From M3

A glass stair can serve as an arresting focal point for your space, and our team of experts is ready to assist you in creating a well-finished space. With a team of dedicated engineers and a steadfast commitment to customer service, we work with clients throughout every step of the process.

What types of traction control will fit your needs? What custom glass cuts might your installation and mounting require? What type of glass will offer the best possible performance for your traffic? Whether painted, patterned, or clear, our designers can help you find the right solution for your specific space.

To learn more about custom glass stair treads or discuss how sophisticated design glass can help modernize your space, reach out to one of our experts today.

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