Tempered Flat Glass

While many kinds of glass offer high strength and durability, not all varieties are designed for high-stress, harsh environments. At M3 Glass Technologies, we supply and manufacture high-performance glass products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are tough.

In addition to providing sleek, visually distinctive design glass, the M3 Glass Technologies team leads the custom glass industry in the manufacture of laminated glass, custom safety glass, and tempered flat glass, all of which offer safety assurance in demanding applications.

Custom Tempered Glass

For applications with a higher risk of breakage, tempered glass provides optimal strength while still allowing for a full range of custom design options.

The tempering process heats glass to extreme temperatures, followed by rapid cooling. The result is glass up to five times stronger than standard plate products. At M3 Glass Technologies, our manufacturing team tempers all glass products right on-site, operating two tempering ovens housed in separate buildings. This on-site capability allows for stringent quality control and prompt order delivery for even the tightest deadlines.

Our in-house tempering equipment can handle glass thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 19 mm, with panel sizes as large as 95” x 144”. And because all tempering is handled in our shop, we can also provide a full range of additional finishing services, such as cutting, drilling, and edging, to your particular specifications.

Tempered flat glass from M3 Glass Technologies allows for reduced distortion, reduced bow, and reduced pickup when compared to traditional glass, as well as improved optical clarity — especially in projects requiring thicker glass. Our design team can also incorporate ColorBak backpainting, MPrint digital printing, and a host of other finishing options.

Technical Performance and Quality Assurance

Custom-crafted high-strength tempered glass from M3 Glass Technologies is designed to meet a wide range of technical specifications, ensuring a long life of safe, reliable, and beautiful performance.

  • All M3 Glass Technologies tempered flat glass meets the safety standards set forth by ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201.
  • The M3 Glass Technologies manufacturing team proudly crafts both tempered and laminated glass in accordance with the 2015 International Building Code requirements.
  • Tempered glass, laminated glass, and safety glass from M3 Glass Technologies are designed to meet the requirements of both the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC).

Custom Tempered Glass Solutions from M3 Glass Technologies

Offering in-house tempering services with a full suite of design tools, M3 Glass Technologies is proud to offer architects and designers top-quality glass products with both unparalleled safety assurance and sleek, elegant aesthetics. We also offer lamination and safety glass services.

Our talented design and manufacturing specialists work directly with clients to create customized tempered flat glass solutions for a range of applications, including elevator interiors, handrails and staircases, balustrades, decorative panels, glass canopies, and flooring and walkways. To learn more about our tempered glass products and capabilities, reach out to the manufacturing services team today.

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