Glass Desk Mats & Glass Desk Tops

Custom Design Options

The M3 team has a long history of design collaboration, and we understand that office spaces are highly personal, so our glass desk mats seamlessly combine style and function. With a distinctly high-end feel, our design-glass solutions provide reliable work-surface protection from general wear and tear.

Visually, office desk surfaces also communicate volumes about an organization’s character. Does your company come off as stylish and modern? Clean and efficient? Comfortable and lived-in? This can be a major factor in the type of impression you convey to both employees and clients, so our team works to ensure you receive the right aesthetics for your unique brand. We’re proud to offer advanced ColorBak painting and 720 dpi Mprint technologies to customize the surface, design, and printing of all our glass desk mats.

Technical Performance and Life Span

We work directly with designers to apply custom artwork, logos, and company branding to your project, ensuring that the result is the most attractive, functional product possible. We also manage each and every aesthetic detail, including surface treatments, logo printing, custom patterns, subtle branding, signature coloring, and even the incorporation of mission statements.

Our glass desk mats are available in sizes ranging from 17” x 22” to 24” x 48”, and custom options are also available. The durable, tempered glass material is a full ¼” thick, resisting dents and scratches while standing up to everyday wear and tear.

Glass is naturally easy to clean, offering an attractive and low-maintenance surface. The buffer of a glass desk top offers ideal protection for both wood and metal workspaces, which otherwise show significant aging and wear over time.

M3 Glass also offers custom desk tops that can be crafted to patterns for rounded-front desks, rounded corners, unique shapes, filing cabinets, and credenzas. We also offer large-format glass conference tables providing a high-performance, long-lasting option for collaborative spaces.

Custom Glass Solutions from M3

The team at M3 is ready to assist you in finding the perfect glass top to fit your office design, and our in-house experts will work closely with your team to ensure all details are accounted for.

Glass desk covers join the M3 catalog of design-glass solutions along with glass floor mats, custom signage, dividers, conference tables, wall panels, and more. We’re proud to provide design glass solutions for a range of applications, from commercial architecture, retail, and office space to hospitality and residential building.

Quality custom glass products from M3 are supported by cost-efficient pricing, expert design assistance, and dedicated customer service. Reach out to a specialist today to start crafting your ideal solution.

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