M3 Retail Shield

Retail Shield from M3 Glass allow for safe separation during the checkout and sales process. Customer and employee safety are at the heart of every business and M3 glass dividers keep your options and doors open. The countertop safety screen allows for easy cleaning and care. The glass countertop sneeze guard has a sturdy base and can be moved where it is needed without damaging counters or speciality hardware.

With six options it is easy to find a guard that fits your needs and meets your customers expectations.Shield Divider Image

M3’s Health and Wellness solutions fit every brand and business. Tempered Glass provides a premium partition that is easy to clean and naturally durable to virus and bacteria. The Retail Shield creates a countertop barrier to help enforce social distancing protocol put in place by the CDC. Face coverings and barriers like the Retail Shield help limit exposure and ensure a safe interaction for all involved.


Checkout shield

Convenient Pass-Through design integrates an access area for your customers and staff to exchange payments, documents, and any items that are required to operate your business.  This access is perfect for payments or guest relations for hotel and convention use as well as retail checkout. Allowing you to provide crucial support to customers while keeping both parties safe and socially distant.

The M3 Retail Shield is able to be customized with branding and logos printed directly to the glass shield. Safety of your employees and customers is number one and the M3 Retail Shield will help your business run safely.

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