Glass Railings

Glass railings are regularly used to create modern and clean design concepts for corporate offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, retail establishments, and educational institutions. For architects and interior design professionals working with clients in these areas, M3 Glass Technologies offers custom manufactured solutions that can be cut, polished, painted, and printed to order.

Our design-glass products and services help you create structurally integral, aesthetically pleasing glass railings for any facility.

Designing with Glass Railings

A trusted supplier of custom glass railings, the team at M3 Glass Technologies works closely with our customers to determine their design needs and apply customized painting, printing, and surface finish options in order to bring their ideas to life. All in-house sizing, printing, and finishing processes are handled at our specialized manufacturing facilities based in Texas, giving our team a close look at each project from start to finish.

For any users looking to implement logos or other visual design features, we offer MPrint, a process that outputs full color, high gloss images on glass surfaces using ceramic inks. High-resolution images of up to 720 dpi are possible.

Additionally, we offer Colorbak back painted glass with which our glass painting studio can match any color. Our engineering team can even include colored interlayers to create unique glass rails to match distinctive spatial settings.

Finally, we also offer screen printing capabilities, decorative interlayers, and pattern glass for incorporation into our glass railings. This collection of design options can be used individually or combined to yield incredibly distinct railing designs you simply won’t see anywhere else.

Unparalleled Quality

The surface quality of M3 Glass Technologies’ tempered glass is the best in the industry. To achieve these optimal results, we consistently:

  • Temper only polished-edged glass, allowing for cleaner furnaces and enhanced glass clarity
  • Utilize individual vacuum compartments for each glass piece during lamination, improving edge and hole alignment
  • Run furnaces at lower temperatures for longer cycles, resulting in reduced distortion
  • Employ M3 Edge, a special lamination treatment, to maintain an edge alignment tolerance of ±1/16 of an inch; this is one-third the industry standard tolerance of +1/4, -1/8- this makes for the best looking laminated edge in the industry
  • Available with Enduroshield coating for a longer-lasting clean appearance and ease of cleaning

Suited for indoor and outdoor use, SentryGlass (SG) and EVA interlayers make a facility look modern and spacious while maximizing visibility and light entry, enhancing the appearance of any space to make it warm and inviting. We also offer PVB for indoor use. With accurate tolerances and reliable edge treatments, M3 Glass Technologies’ custom glass railings will add visual appeal to and never look out of place in an office, hotel, medical building, store, or other architectural space.

Our team takes a technical approach to custom design. Without industry knowledge and advanced digital equipment, proper sizing, painting, and printing won’t be executed correctly. M3 Glass Technologies accepts CAD drawings and uses CNC equipment to produce pattern pieces that both match the original concept and ensure a professional fit to ±1/16 of an inch. If you prefer to supply wood patterns, we can employ pattern scanning technology to meet the requirements of the designer and facility.

We adhere to ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 safety standards for all tempered and tempered-laminated glass for railings. Laminated handrail glass also meets the requirements of the 2015 International Building Code, while our high quality and tolerances meet or exceed the ASTM-1172 standard in terms of strength and durability.

Glass Railings from M3 Glass Technologies

Perhaps the biggest differentiator between M3 Glass Technologies and other glass manufacturers is our experience. Every member of our team has been involved in the glass industry for years – in many cases, even decades.

If you need additional design support on your project, our designers, technicians, and customer service team members can lend their knowledge and expertise to help move your project forward and identify any potential pitfalls in advance. Our technical experts don’t just work behind the scenes; instead, they’re passionate about helping every designer and architect achieve their desired design results. Serving as advisers throughout the manufacturing process, they can assist in determining the best product and size and manage the project to ensure it is completed on time.

From the office, hospitality, or healthcare environment to airports and sports facilities, our design-glass services have enabled the architectural enhancement of many properties with aesthetic glass railings. Customers rely on us to ensure their glass manufacturing process is smooth, cost-effective, and timely.

To learn more about our design-glass services, or to order custom glass railings designed to accommodate your unique architectural project, contact one of our experts for a review of your specifications.

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