Glass Doors

Designing with Glass Doors

Through in-house customizable sizing, printing, painting, and glass finish processes, our custom glass doors can be used across a wide array of aesthetic settings. With a full inventory of in-house equipment at our Texas facilities, we can design and create fully customized products using custom colors, finishes, shapes, and patterns.

All M3 Glass Technologies products are cut and polished to size depending on particular project specifications. Sophisticated CNC machinery enables us to cut and process glass to order, making us well suited for customers who need harder to find, specialized products like multi-material door frames.

Many designers and architects employ custom glass doors to lend an open feel to an otherwise limited space. Used in conjunction with glass walls and panels, these doors establish solid partitions within a room without compromising the look or comfort of the interior space. This design technique can also be applied to sliding glass doors when used to separate the inside of a structure from an exterior area.

For these glass door applications, our team can manufacture products with varying levels of privacy; glass can be completely clear, completely opaque, or display a level of opacity gradation that perfectly complements the particular application or design aesthetic. Additionally, users can implement completely custom images or logos at 720 dpi using our MPrint technology, or select a custom door color using our Colorbak painting service.

When designing a space to be bright and visually connected across the length of a room, designers often utilize custom glass doors to accent the flow of natural light while creating implied spatial divisions. At M3 Glass Technologies, our design team has experience creating doors tailored to make a room feel larger yet segmented into specific spaces.

This is especially useful in office settings, where multiple teams may sit near one another within a shared workspace. To encourage cohesiveness and improve team morale without sacrificing a productive work environment, the space should stay relatively open while still establishing specific areas for each team to work quietly or focus on the tasks at hand. Custom glass doors can create these distinct spaces while visually connecting all employees within the office.

Glass Door Technical Specifications

M3 Glass Technologies supplies strong and durable glass products that are built to withstand a variety of rugged application hazards. Adhering to standards including ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201, our tempered and tempered-laminated glass products easily tolerate the forces of ordinary use and even unexpected impacts without breaking or spreading dangerous shards throughout a space.

M3 offers glass doors in ⅜”, ½” or ¾” thicknesses, specially manufactured to accommodate a diverse array of door frames and space restrictions. We also offer other flexible design options, including assorted glass types, sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes.

Color match is available using our ColorBak painting service, and users can implement high gloss images at a full 720 dpi using our MPrint technology.

Glass Doors from M3 Glass Technologies

You can depend on our design-glass services to accommodate spaces across a range of industries. Choose from our custom colors and patterns to make your design efforts even more practical and tailored to your exact needs. Create an interior environment where natural light can enter, but sufficient privacy is maintained. Imply divisions within an expansive open space while still establishing a visual connection and sense of openness among the different areas. Custom glass doors can address a broad range of design challenges with unique aesthetic appeal.

By focusing on consistency and creating a distinct look and feel, we can work with customers to leverage our capabilities that include include screen printing, back painting, and digital printing to create a uniquely finished space full of character and personality.

With a team comprised of industry experts in design and glass manufacturing, our technicians will collaborate directly with your design and architectural teams to produce the perfect standard or sliding glass door for your project. Our past projects include distinct glass doors for offices, hotels, schools, stores, and hospitals, but the possibilities are endless.

Call us today to request an M3 Glass Technologies expert review; we’ll assess your specifications and identify the options best suited for your custom glass door needs.

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