MPrint Powered by Dip-Tech

M3 Glass Technologies MPrint Ceramic Ink Printing

M3 Glass Technologies offers MPrint ceramic ink printing services to create functional, aesthetically pleasing decorative design-glass. We employ the AR-4000 printer from Dip-Tech, capable of printing full color on glass panels up to 96”x 144”, and we can work with customers to create panel artwork for larger-format installations.

The AR-4000 prints at 720 dpi for extremely accurate and highly durable digital ceramic in-glass printing. It can produce multi-color, photorealistic images including everything from landscapes, abstract art, brand logos, and stained glass to multi-layered designs that create depth effects. As another great feature, the AR-4000 can fuse ceramic inks to glass for both indoor and outdoor use and is used exclusively on low-iron glass for the truest colors.

Our designers and architects can print on glass panels to create additional design effects and functionality, including solar control, light diffusion, and transmission to glass. With unmatched performance and throughput, we can ensure your projects stay on schedule and that your finished product matches your vision.


M3 Glass Technologies utilizes Dip-Tech printing capabilities to produce striking, high-resolution design-glass products. Our team of design experts works closely with customers to bring their custom printed ideas to life in our design-glass products. Our high-resolution glass applications include:

  • Signage
  • Walls, Panels and Elevator Interiors
  • Floors and Stairs
  • Handrails and Canopies
  • Tables, Floor Mats, and Desk Mats
  • And more

We can provide additional assistance and work to create a range of design properties, including branding identities, privacy effects and more. We’ll help you create attractive branding, limit light and visibility, or even mimic other materials like wood or stone.

Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Ink

Developed by their in-house chemistry experts, Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic inks are specifically created to be fused to glass products. These specialized inks can be applied to glass that can go on to be laminated or bent without harming the print.

Digital ceramic ink is resistant to scratching, weather and UV light, and it is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. These inks also provide a wide range of color options, which can be digitally or manually mixed.

Additionally, our experts here at M3 Glass Technologies can create non-slip glass products by applying ceramic ink to create anti-slip friction control properties to our glass floor and glass stair products. These applications comply with industry anti-slip coating standards.

Digital Glass Printing with M3 Glass Technologies

Our attention to detail is what truly sets M3 Glass Technologies apart. High-resolution printing and tight tolerance adherence make us an ideal partner to create functional and beautiful design-glass products. Using innovative printing technology, we can make your branding, patterns, and designs come to life.

To learn more about MPrint technology using Dip-Tech printers and custom design glass, or discuss how we can help with your next project, reach out to the team today.

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