Glass Shower Doors

M3 Glass Technologies offers customized, distinct glass shower doors designed to make a great impression in bathroom spaces.

Frequently employed in the hospitality industry, healthcare facilities, and residential spaces, our design-glass is manufactured to specific dimensions to accommodate unique spatial limitations. With a range of sizes, styles, and glass types in stock at our Texas-based facilities, our team is ready to create the exact glass shower door you need for your latest design or architectural project.

High in quality and efficient in cost, each of our shower doors is designed to meet your exact specifications and provide your clients with the best in indoor aesthetics.

Top Designed Glass Shower Doors: From Manufacture to Delivery

M3 Glass Technologies’ custom shower doors are produced using a variety of in-house processes to size, print, paint, and polish each product to your exact requirements.

Aside from being easy to clean, a necessity in shower applications, the glass used in M3 shower doors is further enhanced using custom printing and finishing capabilities. This allows design professionals and homeowners to get a truly individualized product. Our MPrint system enables us to include any type of printed design up to 720 dpi. You can match any existing style or even include corporate logos and branding within the custom shower door design.

We also offer diverse textures and patterns to accommodate designers looking for even more options. Instead of settling for a plain, standard shower door, our team can work with you to create customized, attractive alternatives featuring a mix of colors, printed graphics, textures, and patterns that make each project completely different from the rest.

Technical Details

All of the glass shower door products from M3 Glass Technologies are made of tempered safety glass, meaning they can withstand repeated movement and impact without raising concern about sharp edges or broken pieces. Reassured through safe, simple installation and enduring quality materials, homeowners and visitors can shower with peace of mind. Our digital MPrint system adds colorful, high gloss 720dpi images to glass panels as large as 96″ x 154″.

Each of our custom glass shower doors is also available with Enduroshield coating for a longer-lasting clean appearance and ease of cleaning.

The majority of our glass doors are 10 millimeters thick, but we also offer 12-millimeter-thick versions for customers who need slightly denser products to accommodate their specifications. Our range of 10- and 12-millimeter standard materials include Shower Guard glass, Low Iron Shower Guard Glass, Starphire Low Iron glass, Acid Etch glass, and Pattern glass. Users can also select glass panels and doors available with a Shield coating.

Our custom shower doors are available in single door, inline, sliding, and corner styles. There are many options to choose from and combine, allowing designers to complement existing interior designs and create outstanding finished results.

Glass Shower Doors from M3 Glass Technologies

With so many options available, we know the design phase and decision-making process can seem daunting. Our designers, technicians, and customer service team members at M3 Glass Technologies can assist you in finding the perfect custom shower doors for any given space.

Whether you’re looking for painted or patterned glass shower doors, we can find the right combination of design and function you need. For a review of your glass specifications, or to begin planning a design that suits the unique style and feel of your space, contact our team of M3 experts today.

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