MPrint Digital Decorative Glass

At M3 Glass Technologies, we work directly with designers and architects to develop custom manufactured glass products available with a wide range of style and finish options. From coloring and gradients to cuts, polishes, and custom printing, our custom features allow clients to craft unique designs suited to their specific needs.

In addition to our coloring, painting, finishing, and pattern services, our cutting-edge MPrint digital printing process allows for even further customization.

Working With Custom-Printed MPrint Design-Glass

MPrint digital printing allows for the creation of elegant, precise glass effects. This innovative technology prints designs, patterns, and logos at 720 dpi, allowing personal artwork to be directly applied to any of our glass products.

Clients can submit company logos, branding elements, and custom designs directly to our in-house graphics team, who will bring these ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to enhance a space aesthetically, create high-visibility company logos for better exposure, or integrate clear, sophisticated wayfinding directly into signage and floors, we’ll use your exact artwork to make any vision a reality.

MPrint technology can be combined with ColorBak backpainted glass and laminated glass manufacturing processes to create rich depth effects and unique designs. Our expert designers at M3 can also integrate custom patterns, textures, and even laminated materials into designs to achieve a unique effect.

Technical Performance: The Dip-Tech AR-4000

MPrint digital printing serves as a high-quality, durable solution for the direct printing of graphics on glass. At M3 Glass Technologies, we make use of the powerful Dip-Tech AR-4000 printer for all MPrint processes.

  • MPrint designs are applied directly to the glass surface with 720 dpi full color, high-resolution printing.
  • Our Dip-Tech AR-4000 printer can accommodate panel sizes of up to 96″ x 144″. For bigger projects, our designers will help to panel your artwork and combine the individual pieces for a large-format installation.
  • Available with printed friction control ink (for added grip or tread) and digital etch ink, MPrint is a highly customizable ceramic ink printing process.
  • Glass products can be printed using Dip-Tech AR-4000 with MPrint on the front side or back side
  • MPrint is available exclusively on low-iron glass for the truest color effect but can be laminated if desired. Users can even layer multiple prints to create depth.

Custom MPrint Glass Solutions From M3 Glass Technologies

One of the most reliable, durable methods available for applying graphics directly to a glass surface, MPrint can be used on all of our custom glass products. In addition to MPrint technology, we offer ColorBak painting, custom gradients, specialty laminations, and a full host of in-house design resources. MPrint can be applied to custom glass walls and dividers, railings and stairs, floors, signage, wayfinding systems, conference tables, markerboards, and more.

To learn more about MPrint technology and custom design glass, or discuss how we can help with your next project, reach out to the team today.

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