Annealed Flat Glass

M3 Glass Technologies stocks standard types and thicknesses of annealed domestic flat glass (also known as sheet glass, plate glass, or single pane glass) in 3.0mm to 25mm in clear, tints and low iron. We also stock Acid-Etch, or “satin” glass, in almost every thickness and configuration, including low iron acid etch and double-sided acid etch. Our rawglass is the basis for all our tempering, laminating, painting and printing processing needs. We receive truckloads daily to replenish our M3 Quality glass stock for all of your glass needs, and we always make sure we’re capable of completing your projects on time and with high quality.

With our stock products, customers know they can reach out to M3 for fast deliveries for standard projects like glass walls, doors, and room dividers. Additionally, each sheet of annealed glass on hand is ready to go through any of our on-site processes, including cutting and finishing, tempering, and laminating. We can also include custom designs or logos applied by using Mprint 720 dpi printing, ColorBak backpainting, and screen printing.

Annealed Flat Glass from M3 Glass Technologies

M3 Glass Technologies offers annealed glass for use in all of our custom glass products. We stock glass from all major North American suppliers, including Vitro, PPG, Pilkington, AGC, Walker, and Guardian. Work with our team of design and manufacturing professionals to finish and implement annealed glass into projects such as elevator interiors, balustrades, decorative panels, and more. If you have questions about annealed glass availability, be sure to contact our team today.

Annealing of glass is a process in which hot glass objects are gradually cooled to relieve any internal stresses. For most types of glass, the temperature required for annealing is within the range of 850–900° F (454 – 482° C). Unlike tempered glass, annealed glass will break off into large shards, which can pose serious safety risks. Therefore, proper care should be taken when choosing a location to install annealed glass.

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