Elevator Cabs

Design glass for the ups and downs of commercial buildings.

With specialty laminated patterns, and custom color solutions, M3 Glass ensures your style stays on the up & up. From new cab construction and elevator surrounds, to updating your existing cab interior, our product experts help you find the right solution to fit your needs.

Architects and designers looking for expert design, manufacturing, and delivery services consistently trust M3 Glass Technologies with their glass product projects. Working closely with each client, our technical team ensures you’ll receive top-notch glass elevator cabs on every order while ensuring great value thanks to our high-quality products paired with cost-efficient pricing.

Designing with Glass Elevator Cabs

Elevator cabs are the delicate balance of weight and aesthetic. With custom digital printing and back painting, dramatic effects can be achieved in an application that is long lasting and easy to clean while elevating your elevators.

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Glass Elevator Cab Technical Specifications

Every office, retail businesses, hotel, and healthcare facility has unique needs in terms of its architecture and interior design, so our M3 team goes above and beyond to find the perfect aesthetic fit for your space. Our glass products are available from standard gloss to special anti-reflective matte and satin finishes.

A range of patterns and textures is available as well, affording a level of design flexibility that is rarely seen anywhere else.

Our MPrint system allows for the inclusion of any kind of printed design feature on our glass products, while our Colorbak and Screen Printing capabilities allow for further creative, one-of-a-kind applications. Designers and businesses can display their logo and brand across various products and styles efficiently, with little burden placed on the design, fabrication, and installation phases.

Every glass product is also easy to clean, ensuring the glass maintains its aesthetic appeal and lifespan, reinforcing its functionality, and maximizing the value of your investment. Each elevator cab is manufactured to look as pristine as it did when first installed. The quality of our workmanship is evident regardless of the product’s age and stands as a testament to our capabilities.

If you have a concept for incorporating elevator cabs in your corporate facility, or if you’d like additional design support to bring your design idea to life, contact M3 Glass Technologies today. A member of our team will review your specifications and provide professional guidance for your glass project needs.

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Glass from M3 Glass Technologies

At M3 Glass Technologies, we always aim to create the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. While interior design elements are nearly limitless, glass walls and panels are among the most versatile options available. Our custom printing and finishing capabilities enable design professionals to exercise their creativity and leave their mark on every project they undertake.

As architects and designers increasingly realize the benefits of glass as a design element, our team has seen continued growth in the ways designers have chosen to implement these products. With years of experience collaborating with professionals across industries and project applications on their diverse glass needs, we can help you determine the optimal design for the perfect fit and function of each glass panel. Our past projects include customers from the healthcare, hospitality, stadium, corporate, as well as many other industries.

If you have a concept for incorporating glass  in any building environment, or if you’d like additional design support to bring your design idea to life, contact M3 Glass Technologies today. A member of our team will review your specifications and provide professional guidance for your glass project needs.