Equipment List

M3 Glass Technologies continues to invest in the highest quality cutting-edge equipment so that we can bring you a comprehensive portfolio of the best value-added and decorative glass products. It is our desire to give you a single supplier for all of your glass needs.

Our Process

Our experienced staff can help you figure out exactly what you need to meet a spec, or to satisfy that architect or customer who saw something on TV that they just “must have!” Chances are, M3 can make it in-house – that means you can get it faster, with less risk, and without the added costs of shopping for multiple sources. Keep in mind, many of our processes can be combined for additional products not even considered previously.

Major Equipment List

  • Turomas Jumbo CNC glass cutting
  • Tecnocat Aerial robotic jumbo glass loader
  • Bottero CNC glass cutting
  • DipTech AR4000 Digital Ceramic Frit Printer
  • HOAF glass laminating kiln (two units)
  • Keraglass glass laminating kiln (two units)
  • Gold Glass painting line
  • Col Met paint line
  • Thieme screen printing line
  • Landglass 60″ tempering furnace
  • Landglass 96″ bi-directional tempering furnace
  • Bavone glass polisher + mitre
  • Fushan glass polisher + mitre (two units)
  • Neptun glass polisher
  • Bavone glass beveler
  • Bavelloni glass pencil polisher
  • Bavelloni pattern beveler (two units)
  • Bavelloni CNC work center (two units)
  • Intermac CNC work center
  • Besana semi-automatic glass drill (two units)
  • Forvet CNC glass mill (two units)
  • Billco glass washer
  • Neptun glass washer (two units)
  • Heatsoak Test Oven

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