Glass Chair Mats

Custom Design Options

Whether working on a highly complex and technical project or mainly aesthetic, decorative touches, architects, designers, and office managers demand the highest-quality products, right down to the smallest details. Chair mats, for instance, must be well-made but stylish, able to stand up to everyday use without creating an eyesore.

M3’s tempered glass chair mats are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the aesthetic and space constraints of various offices. Allowing for optimal reliability with a high-end feel, these mats are designed for superior performance, easily outlasting plastic and polycarbonate alternatives; tempered glass doesn’t dent, crack, or wear out with normal daily use when compared to the alternatives.

Our dedicated design team offers advanced ColorBak painting and 720 dpi Mprint technologies, allowing us to create specialized surfaces, designs, and prints tailored to your exact needs. Company logos, branding, mission statements, signature coloring, and more can all be incorporated into designs for a polished, personalized look that’s in line with your office’s style.

Our team works directly with designers to create a product based on clients’ custom artwork, and we closely manage all clients’ designs to ensure that the final product is as attractive and functional as possible.

Technical Performance and Weight Resistance

Glass chair mats from M3 offer superior functionality on all carpet and wood flooring surfaces and can hold up to 1,000 pounds. The tempered glass resists any kind of splintering and can easily withstand day-to-day impacts, pressure, and traffic.

In addition to protecting building surfaces, glass chair mats allow for smooth, quiet chair rolling and easily resist denting, while the ¼-inch-thick tempered glass material provides reliable protection.

Available in sizes ranging from 36″ x 48″ to 60″ x 60″, with and without tabs,  M3 fully backs all of our design-glass chair mats.

Custom Glass Solutions From M3

At M3 Glass Technologies, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service and customization options. Our team can assist you in finding the perfect glass chair mat to fit your space — no matter the size, style, or shape. M3’s in-house experts will consult with your team regarding chair mat color, pattern, and printing options in order to clearly and cleanly represent your brand.

Custom glass chair mats are just one component of the M3 family of custom glass solutions; we routinely work with commercial architecture, retail, hospitality, and residential building professionals on projects of all kinds, offering a host of high-performance glass solutions. In addition to chair mats, we can craft custom signage, wall panels, dividers, desk mats, conference tables, and other unique elements to enhance your interior spaces.

M3 was founded on a commitment to quality and value that continues to this day. All of our products are supported by cost-efficient pricing, dedicated customer service, and expert design assistance. To learn more about our tempered glass chair mats or other design glass products, reach out to us today.

*Customers may select between either digital printing or custom color for our chair mat products. These are not available together*

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