Glass Signage

No visual illustration of a company’s brand is more direct than signage. A clean, well-designed sign can be highly effective in communicating brand identity, conveying company values, and even assisting with wayfinding.

Is it easy to navigate your space for both new and everyday users? Is your branding identifiable, well-established, and distinctive? At M3 Glass Technologies, we help companies establish brand presence through elegantly crafted glass signage; making use of sophisticated, precise printing technology, we can create high-performance signage in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Custom Design Options

Whether you’re looking to create indoor signs for branding, directional wayfinding tools and signifiers, or large-scale outdoor identifiers, M3 Glass Technologies can create sophisticated, one-of-a-kind design glass for your unique space.

Our in-house services include customizable sizing, printing, and glass-finishing processes to support diverse aesthetic demands. We utilize advanced ColorBak painting and 720 dpi Mprint technologies to customize the surface, color, design, and printing of glass signs, and designers can make use of a full range of finishes. In fact, M3 works directly with designers to find the best way to apply your exact logos, custom artwork, and company branding to the signage at hand.

M3 signage is crafted with one major goal in mind: ideal fit and performance for the final project’s decor, image, and budget. Our glass pieces are built for optimal function and appearance, and our team manages each and every detail, from surface treatments and custom printing to patterning and signature coloring.

Technical Performance and Efficiency

A sign must strike an effective balance between aesthetics and function; for example, if wayfinding signage isn’t clear, attention-grabbing, easy to read, and attractive, it will fall short of its intended purpose. We work with designers to create the clearest, most effective signage while still conveying your unique brand personality. Whether you’re guiding people through a busy hospital or building brand recognition in a crowded retail space, our team of experts can provide the insight you need to reach your goals.

In addition to custom printing, our glass signage material is available in a full spectrum of patterns and textures, in sizes up to 84” x 144”. In addition to these surfacing options, we offer solutions that incorporate multiple layers of glass, combining new and visually stunning color sequences, design prints, and patterns for rich depth effects. Whether your goal is bold, effective wayfinding or clean, striking branding, our team can create a tailored, high-performing solution for your organization.

Custom Glass Solutions from M3

Customer service is at the heart of M3 Glass Technologies, and our in-house design experts are proud to create unique signage that truly conveys specific company character. Working closely with clients throughout every step of the process, we’ll help determine the needs of your space and your particular project, right down to the details of custom cabling holes for installation and lighting, and fundamental surface and tint aesthetics.

How do you hope to install your signage? What kind of mounts will offer long-term performance? How should the finished pieces make your space feel? Our team of experts is here to work out every necessary detail in order to lift your brand, direct your visitors, and help inspire your employees and community.

The M3 team partners with designers and product buyers across all types of industries and applications, including major corporations, hospitality ventures, health care operations, retail spaces, stadiums, and sporting venues.

Our glass signage solutions join a complete catalog of design-glass solutions, including office desk mats, chair mats, canopies, and tables. To learn more or discuss how we can help with your signage needs, reach out to the team today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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