Laminated Glass

In addition to our wide range of aesthetics-focused glass accents and design elements, M3 Glass Technologies specializes in laminated glass and custom safety glass products for various high-performance applications.

Working With Custom Laminated Glass

The manufacturing team at M3 Glass Technologies employs twin HOAF laminating ovens to create reliable, high-strength laminated glass products. We offer PVB, EVA, and SentryGlas® interlayers made to order.

Adhering to all relevant industry standards, M3 Glass Technologies products are specifically designed to resist impact, reduce the risk of shattering, and offer higher overall strength than standard glass. Our specialty laminated product offerings include ballistic glass for non-UL-rated applications, as well as switchable glass, which can shift from a clear to opaque finish with just the flip of a switch.

As a leader in design glass, M3 Glass Technologies is also able to offer elegant custom finishes for our high-performance glass products. Both our tempered and annealed glasses can be printed with graphics, colored with backpaint, and layered with a multicolor pallet of interlayers from Vanceva® and Trosifol®. And our decorative expertise means you can also add unique textiles, decorative metal mesh, ceramic printed patterns, graphics, and full custom effects to create a unique laminated glass design that’s all your own.

Technical Performance and Quality Assurance

Custom-crafted laminated glass from M3 Glass Technologies is designed to meet a host of technical specifications for safe, reliable performance.

  • All laminated glass from M3 Glass Technologies meets ANSI safety standard Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201.
  • We craft our laminated materials in accordance with the 2015 International Building Code requirements.
  • Our products meet the requirements of both the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC).
  • Laminated glass from M3 Glass Technologies is manufactured with industry-standard, time-tested interlayers including PVB, EVA, and DuPont SentryGlas®.

Custom Laminated Glass Solutions From M3 Glass Technologies

Combining high performance, unparalleled safety, and striking design work, laminated glass solutions from M3 Glass Technologies are used in a wide range of industries and applications. We frequently craft laminated glass to suit elevator interiors, handrails and stairs, decorative panels and showpieces, glass canopies, and high-performance glass flooring.

To learn more about our laminated glass products, or discuss how designing with laminated glass can help with your next project, reach out to our team of manufacturing professionals today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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