Pattern Glass

M3 Glass Technologies offers a selection of pattern glass between 4mm and 10mm thick and available in sizes up to 88” x 120”. Our 10mm (3/8”) patterns add architectural detail, luxury, and privacy to heavy shower doors, glass walls and panels, and other applications. Users can even incorporate pattern glass into laminate combinations to create different visual effects and products.

Typically, these products are made from low-iron glass, which allows for much clearer colors and can be combined with our in-house ColorBak back painting to create unique design effects that allow customers to leave their own unique mark on a project. We work with specialty and pattern glass suppliers from around the world to find the best products.

Pattern Glass from M3 Glass Technologies

M3 Glass Technologies offers finishing services for all of the patterned glass that comes through our manufacturing centers, including annealing, tempering and laminating to fit your project needs. Work with our team of design and manufacturing professionals to create pattern glass products for use in a range of applications such as elevator interiors, glass doors, decorative panels, and more. If you have questions about the patterns we can source and our ability to finish and add design features, contact us today.

Pattern glass is made by pressing a distinct pattern into a semi-molten piece of glass. While this type of glass offers a wide range of interior design possibilities, it is mostly used where privacy is desired but light transmission is still needed. Compared to clear glass, pattern glass allows light to pass through while at the same time preventing a clear view.

The first step to creating pattern glass is to melt together silica sand, soda, and lime into a tank to form a molten glass mixture, which is then flowed under a refractory gate and moved between two counter-rotating, water-cooled rollers. One of the rollers imprints the distinct pattern onto the soft surface of the glass, while the other roller is smooth. In addition to privacy, pattern glass offers light control, scratch resistance, and safety and security. It is ideal for shower enclosures, elevators, case goods, staircases, escalators, display fixtures and office spaces.

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