Glass Conference Tables

Conference tables and collaborative settings can serve as major catalysts for many workplaces. A gathering place, a focal point, and an essential means for collaboration and discussion, conference tables bring teams together.

In today’s office settings, it is important for these spaces to be both beautiful and functional. In addition to protective mats for office desks and floors, M3 Glass Technologies offers sleek glass protective solutions for conference tables.

A trusted supplier and manufacturer of custom design-glass, the team at M3 aims to enhance the overall design, aesthetics, and functionality of the modern workplace. Our glass office accent collection offers solutions in a wide range of sizes and styles, backed by exceptional customer service, high-level custom design, and comprehensive quality control.

Custom Design Options

Beyond the standard desk mats and protective pieces, our large-format glasswork brings together form, custom style, and high-performance functionality. If you’re seeking to protect a conference table with clean, durable glass, our team has you covered.

These custom protective, beautiful glass overlays can highlight a complementary material; these glass table covers can also provide a gorgeous accent for desks, credenzas, filing cabinets, and other furnishings throughout an office space, all while protecting the investment of the furniture that supports them.

We proudly offer various custom printing and finishing abilities at M3 Glass; supported by ColorBak and 720 dpi Mprint technology, we can incorporate backpainting, custom color, custom logo printing, patterns, specialty finishes, and all forms of added design elements while still maintaining a functional, practical work surface.

Technical Performance and Aesthetic Impact

By working with our custom printing and finishing tools, designers can create an inspiring, attractive, and very vision-specific, brand-driven workplace. We work directly with a range of artwork submitted from designers, creating an ideal solution to fit the style, image, and budget of the final project and overall finished space. Custom in-house design solutions are also available.

Every one of our products can be cut to a specific size, and necessary utility cuts are no problem. Installation notches, wiring for phone lines, computer cables, power sources, and more can all be readily accommodated in our glass table designs.

Each of our glass conference tables is available in panel sizes up to 144″ long, with the option to combine panels to create longer tables. We cut and polish each panel to fit the exact shape for your needs, and offer both polished and beveled edges to achieve the exact look and feel you desire. For fully supported overlays, we work with glass up to 1/4” thick.

Custom Glass Solutions from M3

The team at M3 is ready to help you build the perfect custom conference table to highlight your brand, your company, and your meeting space. Do you need holes for cabling? Where should they be? Will clear glass be the best fit, or would backpainted glass perform better? Will it need to be clear or tinted? No matter how unusual or complex the requirements, we’ll find the best fit for your project.

Our team of experts has a long history of design collaboration, working with architects and designers to create workspaces with style, functionality, and longevity. Whatever glass size, shape, cut, weight, or color you require, our in-house experts can craft the ideal conference table for your unique space. Reach out to a specialist today to start designing a truly distinctive table or to learn more about our other industry-leading design glass options.

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