ColorBak Painted Glass

Color plays a critical role in establishing a distinctive, sophisticated company look; branding, logo designs, interior environments, and even custom-crafted facades all rely on aesthetically pleasing, well-balanced color schemes to attract consumers and incite interest in a brand.

With growing demand from designers, architects, homeowners, and businesses for custom-colored glass products, the team at M3 Glass Technologies is proud to offer ColorBak backpainted design glass to meet various application needs.

Designing With Custom Painted ColorBak Glass

The M3 Glass Technologies team is recognized industry-wide for our history of beautiful custom work and our tradition of design excellence. Whether working with intricate signage or structural glass, customers can collaborate directly with our design team to create striking color effects. We offer a wide selection of standard ColorBak colors, and we’re also happy to work with client-provided swatches, fabrics, and color samples for custom color matching.

As durable as it is stylish, the paint used for ColorBak design glass is formulated specifically for long-term adhesion to glass surfaces. Available to suit annealed or tempered glass, this paint can be laminated as needed and is formulated to perform in both interior and exterior applications.

But custom coloring is just the beginning of our design options. We can also pair vibrantly painted glass with a series of unique panes or other design options, such as MPrint digital printing, in order to integrate patterns, printed logos, and branding. Rich visual depth, light-managing gradients, and stunning multilevel effects are all part of our catalog.

ColorBak Technical Performance

ColorBak backpainted glass is custom-crafted from start to finish to fit the precise look and feel of your project.

  • The M3 Glass Technologies team can color match using Cardinal Industries Finishes, and we are also licensed to color match using universal Pantone color numbers.
  • ColorBak can be used with annealed, tempered, and laminated glass products.
  • ColorBak is applied exclusively to low-iron glass for truer color effect. It can be laminated if desired.
  • Metallic, pearlescent, and specialty finishes are all available.

ColorBak Custom Backpainted Glass Solutions From M3 Glass Technologies

A high-quality, durable option for adhering paint directly onto a glass surface, ColorBak backpainting is just one of the high-performance finish options available from the team at M3 Glass Technologies. We offer ColorBak along with innovative MPrint technology, custom gradients, and a full host of in-house design resources to bring your project to life.

ColorBak technology can be applied to custom design-glass products for a wide range of applications, including glass walls and dividers, railings and stairs, floors, signage, conference tables and desk mats, elevator interiors, and markerboards.

To learn more about ColorBak backpainted glass printing and how it can help with your next glass design challenge, reach out to our experts today.

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