The Top 3 Design Glass Sourcing Pitfalls to Avoid

Sourcing design glass can be a challenge, due to the exacting conditions your end product must display, from the right color to the right size. At M3 Glass, we’ve seen all of the typical pitfalls in the sourcing process and do our best to help clients avoid them. Below, find common pitfalls of working with a design glass company and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Budget

Budget constraints are impactful to any project.  If you don’t set a proper budget in advance, cost can easily get out of hand. When working with a design glass manufacturer, be sure to explain your budget upfront. Always stick to your budget so the design glass company knows you are unwilling to exceed that critical number.

A common budget pitfall occurs when architects or design glass specifiers fail to clearly set an itemized budget for the project.  Without a budget, the architect’s vision often falls victim to “value engineering” and budget overruns in others scopes.  Furthermore, some glass manufacturers may view a lack of budget as flexibility, resulting in a final bill that is hundreds or thousands of dollars over the expected price. While you should always earmark a little extra to account for unexpected expenses, keep this in reserve outside of the number you present to the design glass company so that this perceived flexibility does not become a part of your initial total.

2. Timing

When ordering from a design glass company, most buyers are working within exact timelines. Before you give a design glass manufacturer your business, give the company your timeline and find out if it can be met. Ask the company if the personnel and resources are available to complete your order on time.

Timing becomes a great pitfall, especially when buyers forget to account for certain periods within the timeline. For example, be sure to account for the transport time it takes to ship your design glass to the installation location. Failing to do so can push your project back by a week or more. Allowing more time for shipping may also help you or your vendor negotiate a lower shipping cost. The biggest pitfall in scheduling is to not account for the time needed to sample and approve your design glass.  On a custom project, there can be multiple rounds of sampling, each of which can take a week or more to make the samples, plus the time to ship them to you and await your approval.  Making a detailed project calendar is a little extra work, but it can help you identify potential timeline issues, saving you time and hassle in the end.

3. Sizing

Design glass orders have very specific sizing, fitting the dimensions of each unique installation. If the design glass company you hire cannot cut your product to the size you need, this pitfall can bust your budget and your timeline if the sizing issues don’t surface until weeks into the project.

Glass cutting capabilities vary from one design glass manufacturer to the next. Ask the design glass company you wish to hire if they are able to meet the sizing demands and tolerances demanded by your project. Ask these questions before you commit to production with the vendor.

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Don’t let these and other common design glass sourcing pitfalls ruin the execution of your next project. To learn more about sourcing design glass for your project, download our eBook, 7 Factors to Consider when Sourcing Design Glass Manufacturers.

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