Back Painted Glass

The right color scheme can set a sleek and stylish tone for any project. From the façade to the corner office, it can shape a vibrant and engaging image that appeals to customers and employees alike.

Back painted glass is the perfect material for introducing color into a space, in sleek and modern fashion.  Widely appreciated for its beauty and durability, back painted glass is also a non-porous material, making it ideal for applications that require easy cleaning and anti-microbial properties.  The functional characteristics, and aesthetic benefits of this product have made it an indispensable tool among architects and designers in recent years.

As demand continues to skyrocket, M3 Glass is proud to offer our unique ColorBak Painted Glass products to any professional searching for a touch of color.


ColorBak Painted Glass can transform any space or structure in your newly designed space, or current renovations.  From doors to idea boards, our products can add the perfect glow or sheen to any environment. Some of these applications include:

  • Marker Board: Write or share notes, memos, and reminders on a custom painted Glassboard that mirrors your brand’s values. Glass is the ideal dry-erase surface using any markers, even Sharpies, without the fear of stains or ghosting.
  • Walls and Panels: Add a little something to the conference room by using our back painted glass as a wall treatment. It doubles as a dry-erase surface for on-the-fly collaboration!
  • Chair Mats and Desk Mats: Personalize your workspace with a custom glass chair mat and desk mat in a color and size that speaks to your personality. Made with high-end material, these products give a premium feel to the workspace while standing up to everyday wear and tear.
  • Kitchen Backsplashes: ColorBak Painted Glass adds color to sleek and modern kitchens and lunchrooms.  It is the ideal easy-to-clean surface that always looks bright and new.
  • Furniture: Utilize ColorBak glass in workspace furniture to help reflect natural lighting, while incorporating color, and durable writing surface that can easily be cleaned.
  • Elevator Lobby: Make the ride up a little more exciting by dressing up your lobby and elevator cab with stylized glass. Pattern glass offers a great way to add unique design elements to your back painted elevator lobby designs.

Diptech vs. ColorBak

Some businesses may explore Dip-Tech printing technology as an alternative to back painted glass. Similarly, some architects have begun to use Dip-Tech in conjunction to back painted glass, allowing your custom designs to become reality.

While we’re experts in Dip-Tech printing, we have found that our ColorBak products are more suitable for certain applications.  Dip-Tech can be an ideal solution if you’re looking for an esthetic feature using photographs, graphics, maps, and logos. Create a fun environment with company logos, and custom matching with our ColorBak product, allowing your brand to resonate throughout the facility. Back painted glass offers a vivid look at the right price, and M3 Glass Technologies is thrilled to help make that next project a success!

M3 Capabilities

M3 has always placed a premium on versatility. We look to customize every ColorBak order according to each customer’s exact specifications. Our team uses Pantone color numbers and Cardinal Industrial Finishes when color matching, granting us the ability to manufacture glass in any color. Enhance the look of your backpainted glass with a pearlescent or metallic finish, or consider an acid etch glass for a more elegant space. Back painted glass can be custom fabricated to fit your space, and we can offer annealed, tempered, and laminated options for any environment.

Back painted glass can invigorate the workplace and ensure that your project looks its best inside and out. At M3, we’re pleased to provide the finest back painted glass in the industry to companies in every field. If you’d like to learn how M3’s ColorBak glass can redefine your business, download our free Guide to Design Glass eBook.

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