Digital Printing on Glass with Dip-Tech

Dip-Tech is a pioneer and industry leader in digital glass printing solutions. For more than a decade, they have been the leading supplier of digital glass printers and ceramic inks for a wide variety of applications and industries. At M3 Glass Technologies, we utilize Dip-Tech’s printers to create a wide range of vivid, durable, and high-resolution design-glass products.

How Does It Work?

Digital ceramic glass printing can be used for almost any application where imagery, patterns, or texts are required on a glass surface. The process starts with the selection of the ink. The ceramic inks used for glass printing consist of a combination of submicron fritted glass particles and inorganic color pigments. The specialized digital glass printer prints the image onto the glass surface immediately followed by an inline drying process. Once the image is dried, it is fired or tempered to fuse the ink onto the glass.

The final product is then used in numerous applications by designers and architects, as well as clients in the automotive and consumer appliances industries.

The Printer

M3 Glass Technologies’ Mprint Ceramic Ink Printing service, powered by Dip-Tech printers, allows clients to submit any customized design – from logos to branding elements – to be brought to life on various glass surfaces with precision and high-quality resolution.

Specifically, we use Dip-Tech’s AR-4000 state-of-the-art digital glass printer. This particular model is capable of printing a maximum glass panel size of 96-inches by 144-inches (2400 mm x 4000 mm). For larger designs, artwork can be separated into panels and seamlessly assembled to form a uniform image. The AR-4000 produces highly precise prints with resolutions of up to 720 dpi, making it suitable for intricate artwork..

The Ink

The quality of the ceramic ink is just as important as the quality of the digital printer. Dip-Tech’s custom ink formulas are developed by their team of in-house chemists and are classified into three main categories—architectural inks, specialty application inks, and automotive and transportation inks. These inks vary in properties, features, and benefits, and each type lends itself to different specialized applications.

  • Architectural Inks

These are premium, durable, high-performance spectrum inks with a built-in gloss finish. They are available in numerous colors, which can be digitally mixed to create different tints and shades.

  • Specialty Application Inks

These are slip-resistant inks used mainly for surfaces such as stair treads and flooring. The ink itself is non-abrasive and able to withstand significant amounts of wear. Specialty inks can also be used to produce etching or textured effects.

  • Automotive and Transportation Inks

Specialized automotive and transportation inks are ideal for internal or external printing on automotive glass. Dip-Tech’s specialty black ink is durable, has excellent UV resistance, and meets international automotive safety standards.

Common Applications

Dip-tech’s AR-4000 printer and high-quality custom ink formulas permit printing on glass surfaces for almost any application in a wide variety of environments. Although the possibilities are virtually limitless, high-resolution glass printing is most commonly used for:

  • Signage
  • Glass partitions, panels, and elevator interiors
  • Stair treads and flooring
  • Handrails
  • Canopies
  • Tables tops

Learn More

At M3 Glass Technologies, we recognize Dip-Tech’s reputation as an industry leader and pioneer in the glass printing industry. This is why we have selected their solutions to provide our customers with the best possible glass printing technologies and services available.

If you would like to learn more about our glass printing capabilities or our other glass treatment services, download our free eBook: Guide to Decorative Design Glass.

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