The Function of Glass Marker Boards

Glass marker boards are the next evolutionary step up from the whiteboards and chalkboards found in offices, sports facilities, hospitals, and other institutions everywhere. High-quality glass marker boards are more durable, customizable, and visually appealing than their predecessors.

Unlike whiteboards, glass marker boards can be custom-manufactured to meet a variety of customer requirements. For example, the back of a glass marker board can be made with the customer’s preferred colors, rather than just white. Magnetic glass can also be used to organize papers and projects increasing the functionality of both the glass markerboard and wall space.

Glass Marker Boards Function

Glass marker boards are more frequently taking the place of the traditional whiteboards and chalkboards used for presentations, meetings, and collaboration. With chalkboards, there’s always a risk of breathing in the dust from the chalk used in writing on them. Glass marker boards are safer, as marker pens are made from non-toxic materials. This type of board comes in a wide range of options to suit any need.

Glass marker boards can be cleaned more thoroughly than whiteboards—pen scratches and ink stains are common on whiteboards, and even thorough wiping may not eliminate them entirely. Since glass marker boards are completely non-absorbent, wiping them clean with a piece of cloth results in a much cleaner writing surface that always looks fresh and new.

Glass marker boards feature a modern, eye-catching appearance, improving the aesthetic value of any space with both elegance and functionality. Also, unlike chalkboards and whiteboards, glass marker boards are not contained within a frame. They may be mounted in a fixed position on a wall or remain free standing, allowing them to be moved easily between rooms.


Glass marker boards can be customized to match an office’s color options. Because they are available in large-sized formats, glass marker boards can be used for almost any type of room. Examples include:

  • Education/classrooms
  • Common areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Breakrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Hospitality centers
  • Sports facilities
  • Healthcare (nurse stations, patient rooms)
  • Office interiors

Glass Marker Boards from M3 Glass

Glass marker boards have a high degree of potential across myriad industries. M3 Glass’ extensive experience with manufacturing and customizing Glassboard Markerboards allows us to address a wide range of technical specifications, including type, size, and style. With M3 Glass, customers are assured of the best quality, value, and cost on every glass order.

To learn more about customizing your space with design glass solutions from M3 Glass, check out our guide, Customizing your Space with Design Glass, or contact us.

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