Creating Functional Spaces with Switchable Glass

Design-glass, or decorative glass, opens an entirely new world of function and style for modern interiors. While screen-printed, Colorbak, and patterned glass can each add distinctive flair to finished spaces, no design-glass selection is quite as unique as switchable glass.

Also known as “privacy glass,” or “electronic glass,” switchable glass is crafted with liquid crystal films that allow for glass panels to be switched back and forth between transparent and translucent glass with the simple flip of a switch.

Two-in-One: Switchable Glass Performance

switchable glass panelsSwitchable glass utilizes liquid crystal film technology for versatility at a user’s fingertips: the surface quality of these finished glass panels changes instantly as the embedded crystals are subjected to applied voltage. A single switch instantaneously adjusts switchable glass panels, creating a product with unmatched possibilities.

Essentially a two-in-one product, switchable glass panels readily offer interior designers and homeowners the flexibility to create multifunctional spaces with both privacy and openness on demand. Modern switchable glass is also optimized for ultra-low energy consumption, exceptionally low haze, and high quality performance.

Multifunctional Space Use

Switchable glass creates truly multifunctional spaces: a designer can work with these unique glass panels to create fast and simple spatial transitions. With just the flip of a switch, a space can alternate between an open feel or complete privacy — an ideal solution for bedrooms, bathrooms, and even office spaces with spatial needs that change over the course of a day.

While switchable or privacy glass can create standout structural features, panels, and room dividers, it also offers incredible opportunities for large format show windows, skylights, and floor-to-ceiling window installations. By varying the degrees of opacity — or changing the transparency according to weather conditions — users can enjoy scenic views while still maintaining a sense of privacy.

Because switchable glass can also block up to 99% of UV radiation, its application for windows can offer both heating and cooling efficiency along with subsequent cost savings. Users can control the amount of comfortable sunshine as they otherwise would with curtains or blinds, but with a cleaner, more modern aesthetic.

Retail and business spaces also benefit from the ease of switchable glass. Its privacy effects can make spaces more comfortable, creating better opportunity for focus and eliminating distractions and spatial noise.

In addition to brick-and-mortar businesses taking advantage of privacy glass, the medical industry has started to adopt this newer technology as well. Switchable electronic glass offers increased patient privacy and allows patients to change the glass panels from clear to opaque with the flip of a switch. Privacy glass is also a hygienic alternative to curtains that are traditionally used in hospitals and medical facilities.

It also creates an ideal environment or replacement for working whiteboards, projection, and presentations. From boardroom meeting slides to visual art displays in convention centers, special deals, flash sales, advertisements, and offers, switchable glass creates a highly customizable space with immediate, simple operation and a clean display. In addition, its operational efficiency means switchable glass is cheaper than LED technology, HDTVs, and other more conventional display methods.

Switchable Glass from M3 Glass Technologies

The team at M3 Glass is proud to offer MVision, a switchable glass manufactured with liquid crystal film technology from Gauzy. Every piece is fully tested and documented, and carries a 2-year performance warranty.

MVision products are designed for low power consumption, customizable color feature options, and less than 4% haze effect for optimal performance. To learn more about the best custom glass product for your space, download our Guide to Design Glass eBook, or reach out to our team of design experts today.

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