Glass Chair Mats vs. Plastic Chair Mats

Business owners and employers are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the competition. This is true not only in terms of the products and services they offer, but in the compensation and benefits they offer to prospective employees.

Although workers certainly find additional time off and year-end bonuses important when mulling job offers, small things in the office can make more of a difference than you might think when it comes to attracting and keeping employees.

One area in which today’s employers are looking to improve is the look and feel of their employees’ most used spaces — their desk or cubicle. To that end, many employers are starting to place chair mats at every desk in the workplace, not just the boss’ office.

For years, most chair mats have been made with plastic. Recently, however, glass chair mats have become the preferred choice for companies looking to enhance their work environment, improve employee satisfaction, and redefine their workspace. Below, we break down the advantages of glass chair mats over their plastic counterparts.

Glass Chair Mat vs. Plastic Chair Mat Cost

When it comes to cost, plastic chair mats are generally cheaper than glass chair mats. Plastic chair mats, however, are much less durable than their glass counterparts. Since they wear out much faster, they need to be replaced more often. In contrast, glass chair mats can theoretically last forever, and they remain fresh-looking through years of use.

The cost of replacing a plastic chair mat might not be a deal breaker for a small company with a few employees. For medium- or large-sized companies, however, these costs can add up quickly. From that perspective, a glass chair mat is a much better long-term investment.

Glass Chair Mat vs Plastic Chair Mat Appearance

Glass chair mats win hands down in terms of aesthetics. Their sleek and sophisticated look makes the workplace seem more refined. Even though glass can get dirty from time to time, it’s easy to clean and maintain with basic glass cleaner.

On the other hand, plastic chair mats tend to get scuffed and dirtied the longer they are used. Even if they can still be cleaned and do not need to be replaced, cleaning them takes more effort.

Glass Chair Mat vs Plastic Chair Mat Customization

Glass chair mats, unlike their unsophisticated plastic cousins, can be highly customized to fit the interior design of any office environment.  Solid backpainting (in any color) is the basic customization option.  For a truly custom workspace, the glass can be digitally printed with any design.  The print can emulate wood or stone, or even grass or a sports surface.  The possibilities are endless.

Glass Chair Mat vs Plastic Chair Mat Functionality

Plastic chair mats can become dented over time, becoming much less visually appealing. Just as importantly, rolling an office chair over a dented plastic mat creates friction that can make movement and even sitting uncomfortable.

Moreover, when it comes to putting a chair mat on different surfaces, e. g. carpet and wood, plastic chair mats are not a one-size fits all solution. As a result, you might need to purchase mats of different thicknesses to ensure that the underlying material is protected.

In contrast, glass chair mats can hold much more weight without being impacted. In fact, M3’s glass desk mats can carry weights of up to 1,000 lbs. without compromising their functionality. They can also be used at any thickness on any surface without damaging it.

An Easy Decision

While plastic chair mats remain a popular amenity in today’s offices, it’s clear on balance that glass chair mats offer superior performance while adding a clean and professional look to your workspaces.

If you’re looking to enliven your workplace with glass chair mats that speak to your company’s values, M3 Glass can help. We work with architects and businesses to create custom-designed glass products for any space. Regardless of your needs, we can provide glass chair mats with superior functionality, in ANY custom color or custom print!

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