Laminated Glass: Combining Strength and Design

Offering a range of unique benefits, laminating is quite popular in the glass industry. Lamination increases overall glass strength, insulation properties, and impact protection. Plus, lamination allows for enhanced glass fortification, reducing the risk of shattering and helping to ensure enhanced safety.

The Benefits of Laminated Glass

When broken, laminated glass runs a much lower risk of shattering than traditional glass. Because laminated glass is more likely to remain in place, it’s much safer to work with. The unique design that allows the pieces to remain largely intact and held together also makes for much easier repairs and replacements.

The logistical benefits of laminated glass aside, many architects and designers remain unaware of the fact that unique design elements and high strength properties can be combined to create decorative laminations. Colored interlayers or patterns in a single glass sheet can create unique, sophisticated hues and textures perfect for any kind of space.

Textiles, metal mesh, ceramic printed patterns, graphics, and other custom effects can all be created to bring the design to life using a safe alternative to traditional glass.

What to Look for When Sourcing Laminated Glass

As with any design project, it’s important to know how to find the best solution for your specific needs. Always research potential manufacturing partners thoroughly when sourcing decorative laminated glass.

It’s also crucial to ensure the laminated glass you’re considering meets ANSI safety standards 297.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201, as well as 2015 International Building Code requirements. Any trusted manufacturer will be able to easily meet these requirements, though it’s always best to ask.

And finally, confirm that the laminated glass that you are looking to source is manufactured using industry-standard, time-tested interlayers. These layers include PVB, EVA, and Sentry Glas. Without these, the glass cannot meet necessary industry standards.

Learn More

At M3 Glass Technologies, we offer custom finishes for all of our high-performance glass products, including annealed and tempered glass. Both of these types of glass can be printed with graphics, colored with backpaint, or layered with various colorsof Vanceva® or Trosifol® interlayers. We also offer all of the previously mentioned printed patterns and mesh options.

To learn more about our custom laminated glass offerings, download our free “Guide to Design Glass” today.

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