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A Guide to Fire-Rated Glass Products

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Modern building materials are more efficient, attractive, and intelligently designed than ever before, and glass is no exception. Design glass, or decorative glass, allows architects and designers to infuse their spaces with style and sophistication using screen printing, custom painting, patterning, and switchable glass techniques. Contemporary glass technology offers more than just good appearances, though; […]

Creating Functional Spaces with Switchable Glass

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Design-glass, or decorative glass, opens an entirely new world of function and style for modern interiors. While screen-printed, Colorbak, and patterned glass can each add distinctive flair to finished spaces, no design-glass selection is quite as unique as switchable glass. Also known as “privacy glass,” or “electronic glass,” switchable glass is crafted with liquid crystal […]

Tempered Vs. Annealed Glass

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Used in a huge range of applications, tempered and annealed glass offer unique features and benefits for different types of jobs. Annealed glass, or standard glass, is the softer of the two. Tempered glass, also called toughened glass, is one of the hardest types of glass available. In fact, it’s up to five times harder […]

Welcome to the new M3 Glass Technologies Blog!

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The team at M3 Glass Technologies welcomes you to our brand new Design-glass blog. As we get started in 2018, we will be regularly discussing how highly-functional and aesthetically-pleasing glass products can be implemented in a number of different industries and applications. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, glass installer, or homeowner, we will be […]

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