Glass Marker Boards

Glass Markerboards from M3 Glass Technologies

Architects, designers, homeowners, and businesses rely on M3 for the supply and fabrication of glass board products, specifically ColorBak back painted markerboards and magnetic markerboards.

Backed by a state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible glass painting studio, our team is equipped to address any design specification. While we offer twelve standard colors, we can also color match based on specific design requirements. Simply provide a swatch, sample, fabric, or paint color number and we can match your exact needs. With access to industry color standards through Cardinal Industrial Finishes, a leader with a license to match to Pantone number, M3 offers customers virtually any color across any glass markerboard product.  In addition to providing designers and architects with color matching options, affording nearly endless custom choices, we can also implement special treatments such as metallic or pearlescent finishes.

With MPrint capabilities, M3 Glass Technologies can print custom logos and patterns to incorporate branding, calendars, product grids, team logos, and more onto glass markerboards. Designers can also request menu boards, work station customization, and fully personalized orders depending on specific application needs. Finally, our glass markerboards can also be presentation centerpieces, doubling as projection screens when needed by selecting our anti-reflective, matte finish option.

Glass Board Specifications and Choices

When working with M3, designers have an incredible wealth of options from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a standard board, glass whiteboard, or a more unique markerboard option, our team will help you find the ideal size, glass type, hardware, and finish.

  • Our products are offered in numerous standard sizes, ranging from 24” x 36” to 48” x 120”.
  • Each markerboard is  ¼” thick Starphire tempered glass and are non-ghosting and non-staining
  • Additionally, our glassboards meet key safety standards including ANSI Z97.1 AND CPSC 16CFR1201.
  • Equipped with z-clip mounting hardware as standard, installation is incredibly straightforward.
  • Stand-off mounting hardware is also available as an alternative mounting option.
  • Available with a magnetic option to keep track of markers and accessories.

The versatile markerboard options from M3 also include an anti-reflective, matte finish to meet customers’ aesthetic and functional needs.

Glass Markerboards from M3 Glass Technologies

Manufacturing tempered glass with the best surface quality in the industry, M3 is frequently recognized for our superior production processes and high-quality materials.

We only temper polished-edge glass, which keeps the furnaces in our production facility cleaner. This also reduces glass distortion compared to other glass manufacturers as our furnaces are run at lower temperatures for longer cycles.

Using our ColorBak system for back painting, M3 serves even the most specific color matching need. Our team can also work with Pantone and other major color codes, including codes used by all major paint manufacturers.

Our MPrint capabilities add even more value to custom projects through unique finishing effects. This enables any space to be fully customized and branded, including nurse stations, patient rooms, and sports facilities. Custom design and printing can be optimized for use in coaching diagrams, calendar grids, inventory tracking tables, and many other diverse applications.

No matter your design-glass challenge, our team of experts at M3 will work with you to create the perfect glass product. Designers, architects, and other customers across a range of industrial fields rely on us for a smooth and effective glass production process.

For design and manufacturing support from start to finish on your next glass project, contact the M3 team today.

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